Our Process

Working with you is what makes us special.

Our clients regularly praise our dialogue-driven approach, which enables us to help uncover key questions that haven’t been asked, and to anticipate potential obstacles early and often.

I. Discovery

Services follow consulting. We take time to get to know you. We want to hear about your ideas, struggles, and best efforts.

After that, we’ll put our team to work creating concepts and software to help you however is best.

II. Design

Whether we’re creating a website, application, or business strategy, we use custom design to ensure high-quality products.

No two projects are the same; but we also understand best practices and use our experience to help save you time and money.

III. Development

Almost everything we do involves coding. We program using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, WordPress, and Ruby on Rails.

We also utilize the best modern frameworks and libraries to do things like create APIs, speed up performance, and integrate complex services with simple designs.

IV. Deployment

Going live is a process that takes forethought and patience. We know our platforms well, and we’ll recommend the best options for you as we near launch.

We’ll check your platform against our normal launch requirements, review security policies, performance optimization strategies, and administrative access. And we’ll work with you to support your product once it’s live.